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Kali Gandaki River aquatic Crisis

March 28, 2016१९७ पटक

The source ghalemdi Narchyang Myagdi River Gandaki river began to flow, Bush made lake open pastes are plagued by aquatic.
Kali Gandaki River ghalemdi assistant thick gravy has started to flow from the Friday fish and other aquatic life are beginning to die. The reason pastes ghalemdi Crossing mechanic hydropower and energy is up to the coastal areas of Rampur located Narchyang many fish have been found dead. Dwelling fish gravy left when the shore began to die, and that the lack of forage, said the locals. Bhim Bahadur Karki, 26 years Gandaki River residents baisarika this time most fish would have seen the dead.



According to a pulp with his BS in 2046 when a flood in the Kali Gandaki river and the dead fish were found. Floods wreak havoc on Friday evening with a thick gravy Gandaki surface was increased for about two hours. Fish were found dead by the side of the time and even now I find pastes flow due to have along on a fishing Janelle easily. A one kilogram weight of the fish sold Bhimsen KC baisarika. Kali Gandaki river of fish pastes day after the weekend crowd was. One of them carrying a bamboo covering 65 kg of fish taken ransacked beehive-9 pokharebagaraka said Giri.

Many fish were found by Rs 9 to Rs 00 per kg in the fish Now the price has fallen by 500. District Agriculture Development Office Myagdi Senior Agriculture Development Officer Prasad Rijal, pastes due to sit in the middle, and that the situation suddenly losing side surface of the water, or any event due to the poison into the river and dead fish could be made. Was found dead in his suggestions may not be suitable in terms of health is to eat fish. Fish live in water and mash together with other aquatic life are also affected. The river beach has become polluted. It also could affect the cycles of the environment is in danger.

Far from human settlement and geographical situation as a landslide in a remote gorge could not be studied yet Gautam dirghaprasada Narchyang VDC secretary. RSS

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